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How to improve the speed to read from DB

I feel that when the site reads data from database (for example, showing Repeating Group), the speed is quite slow.
Is there any way to improve the speed? Maybe upgraded service will have high speed server?

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Speed is something we work on constantly, but not a quick project. While things will get better over time, if you identify a pattern on a specific page / repeating group, email us and we can see if there is a quick win there. Saying ‘speed is generally quite slow’ isn’t specific enough for us to look into it.

One thing to note is that you should avoid using ‘Filtered’ except if you absolutely have to, as it’s slower than using search constraints.


Always excited to hear that your focus is on speed. If you can let us know what steps are being taken to improve speed I am sure many people would be interested to know including myself.

Really. I think the speed can be the largest bottleneck when I expand the service on bubble server.
That is ok for a pilot version though.

Since this post was bumped, can AJAX be used to improve the loading UX of repeating groups?

We’re working on this.

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