How to Link Popup Form Data to Related Element on a Table

Hi, there and big thanks to the forum for having been so helpful these last couple of days as this newb tries to get through the basic ins and outs.

Here’s what I’m up against currently:

My app has:
two primary data types: jobs & bids
two primary user types: customers and providers

Customers create jobs and providers create bids on the jobs.

I created a table to display all open bids. One of the columns on the table contains a button: “Bid this Job”. The button surfaces a popup to place a bid. In the workflow action for the popup submission, I’m trying to find the Job ID, so when the bid is submitted it’s related to the job.

Unlike text elements in other cells on the table, I’m not provided the option to dynamically search the current row’s attributes via the form action, nor am I recognizing any other expressions that could accomplish the same.

I’m guessing the popup element, even though it’s being triggered from a button on a job row, perceives no link to the row from which is was clicked, which is why I’m running into this issue. Yes? If that’s the case, should I instead attempt to fetch the job ID onto the popup form itself (not sure how to go about that in Bubble) and then the value will be there when I program the workflow?


TLDR yes. when calling the popup set the popup group or a state in the popup for the data you need (if a state then when poup closes zero out the state).


Being new to custom states in Bubble, I’m not quite sure how to implement the steps. Been fussing about trying to add custom states to the button and the popup itself but am unable to summon the job’s ID.

If the button is in the same group as the job and the job isn’t blocked by privacy rules, then you can access the job ID. If you’re having trouble, consider focusing on learning the fundamentals of Bubble before building.