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Simple link to users profile page?

Hi, I have an app which displays small profile image of users in a RG. I want these images to link to a user profile page.

The profile’s page Type is set to User.

I am linking the RG small images to the profile page and sending Current cells userData in the workflow.

But all that is happening is that whoever clicks a small profile image simply goes to their own profile page, instead of the person who they have just clicked.

Any reason this isn’t working?

Check the data source of the page you are sending to. Likely somewhere it’s referencing current user instead of setting the type as user and leaving the data source blank.

If it’s not displaying the data you want it to, then there’s something in the setup on the page or applicable groups/elements that isn’t right :slight_smile:

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I actually created a full reply with images, but then I figured out the issue, I wasn’t calling the Current page User, instead I was calling the Current user.!

@darren.james7518 yep saw your reply in the email :slight_smile:

Glad you figured it out :slight_smile:

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