How to make a Healthcare app like Practo?

Healthcare has advanced incredibly in the last two decades but the one thing that can make Healthcare even better is its integration with Information Technology. This will result in better patient care through finding the best doctor online, booking doctor’s appointments, Medicine delivery, online doctor consultation, etc. just like the Healthcare app Practo.

Need a guide on the development process to develop an app like Practo?

Most of the features like:

  • Appointment booking
  • Delivery Tracking
  • User module

can be built natively using bubble features.

For the Video Consultation, you can use Agora Web RTC or any other streaming provider to allow you to enable video calls and streaming in your application.

Let me know if there is any other ambiguity with this concept.


  • Umair A.

Just be aware Bubble is not HIPPA compliant

In all fairness, HIPPA compliance is a risk that each app team takes on every time they go for it. It is an “unspoken topic” by some dev folks that their regs are so strict that practically “no app” can fully comply.

I doubt that any single app builder platform will aim to be labeled as compliant. It brings about too much liability exposure.