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Hey Bubblers,

I need help to building a feature which allow the user to search the items through the search bar. Presently when i search for any item through search bar it’s going to the error page instead of the search result page.

Thank you in advance!

What exactly is the problem here (the question is pretty vague…)?

What is the error page? Why is it directing users there? What elements are you using? What are your workflows? datastructure etc…

Feel free to share some more info (screenshots are probably best) if you want anyone to be able to advise you…

Here by error page i mean 404 page .
here are the screenshots

when user search any item in search box he/she is directing to the 404 page.

That’s because the destination page doesn’t exist…

The URL you’ve put in the Destination is not a valid URL.

To get data from the URL you need to use either query parameters or path parameters, depending on how your page is set up to get the data.

But currently you’re using neither in the URL so it won’t work.

So, depending on what you’re doing on the destination page to get the data, make sure the URL is formatted correctly (either with query strings i.e. www.mysite/mypage?parameter=value or with path parameters i.e. www.mysite/mypage/mypath)

Or, if you have a defined content type on the destination page then you can use a ‘go to page’ action to just send the data in the URL path rather than using an’ open external website’ action.

Sorry I didn’t get it. I am using path parameters here!

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