Save Input data

I have a screen with three Input fields and a Save button.
I need to create the Save button workflow to input this data.

The first Input was possible to create the path. From the second I couldn’t. The same path option with an = (equal) sign does not appear. Setup does not complete.
This second Input fetches data from a list. Was that why?
Can anyone help with this?


Hi there, @carloslf7… yes, the reason you aren’t seeing the equals sign is because the field is a list. List fields have a different set of operators, and those are the operators you are seeing in the dropdown. Is that field supposed to be a list? If it’s not, you will need to delete the field and create a new one that is not a list field.


Hi Mike. Yes, the data I need to enter has its final destination in a list

Okay, then use the appropriate operator in the dropdown to update the list field. Bubble’s documentation tells you what each one of those operators means, so that should help you understand how to use them.

Are you referring to one of these six options?


Yes, those are the operators associated with updating a list field.

Is that I tried with all these options that could be possible (add, set list and add list) and it was not possible…

When you tried it, what did the issue checker say the issue is? I’m guessing it’s a type mismatch between the list field’s type and the content format of the value you are trying to add to the list.

I’m doing a database review and I may have found an error in one of the Types, so I’ll wrap that up before passing any other information.
Thanks for now, Mike.

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Hi. I tested some modifications in the database but the problem persists.

From my beginner’s knowledge I think the debugger didn’t show any problems.

There are three inputs on the screen, which take data for a Type.
The first one worked.
The second and third don’t work. Each of them needs to send data to a different List contained in that Type.

Type where the data from the first Input goes. You can also see the “Sentences” related list:

Type Sentences(List). Where should the second and third Input data go.

If you can help me, thanks in advance.

What does the workflow look like where you are trying to add an item to the list field? Is the expression red when you try to set it up? If so, what does the issue checker say? And what is the format of the input element you are using to select the item to add to the list field?

The issue checker I sent is the one corresponding to this button/workflow.

To enter the workflow I’m using the Type “Tipos de Vínculos”.

The issue checker is the red text at the top of the editor that shows how many issues you have. At this point, it should be showing at least 2. Click on it and see what it says.

Ah, ok. Seeing…


Yes, they are about the inputs

Exactly as I thought (and tried to tell you three replies ago). Your inputs are text, but they need to be the same data type as the list field.

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And this value should be selected where? In the Input configuration? I can’t find that option there.

Share a screenshot of the Appearance tab of the element you are using to select a value to be added to the list field.

You shouldn’t be using an input element. The list field is tied to the Senteca data type, so you need to give the user the ability to select something from that data type so the selected thing can be added to a list of those things.

At this point, I should mention that what you are trying to do is pretty basic. So, if you haven’t done Bubble’s tutorials, I strongly suggest you stop what you are doing and go work through them. Without a solid understanding of the basics of Bubble, you are really going to continue to struggle.