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How to manually refresh repeating group

Hi everyone,

I have a repeating group that is an activity feed. When users are interacting with it (add comments, reading, etc), and another user adds data a new record it is auto refreshed to the RG. This makes for a jumpy experience. Is there a way to prevent new records automatically being shown until the user scrolls up to the top of the page or hits a refresh button, similar to LinkedIn or Twitter?

Also, in mobile, the typical experience is to hit the home button or scroll up to the top and drag the RG down to refresh. Any ideas on how to accomplish this?

Thanks so much,

Yes, possible.

Add new custom state with list of text ( on initial load set the list of unique ids)

Use the custom set to do search your datatype like “unique is in custom state list of unique ids”

It will list only based on the custom state.

When you click the refresh button you can update the custom state of unique ids with recent mvit will update the repeating group

On initial load

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