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How to merge 2 lists in Line/Bar Chart?

Hi Bubblers,

I have two lists of things Parent task and Subtask. When using the “:merged with” operator it graphs as two separate counts on the same day rather than combining as a total. Example: A list with 1 item for today and another list with 3 items for today. Instead of today being 4 total, the graph has two outputs for today, 1 and 3 separately. How can these be added together on a single day?

Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 8.48.10 PM


Depending on the database setup you could do a group by day, and aggregate by sum. This would be the cool way to do it. :slight_smile:

Alternatively you may need to use a plug-in to do some math on a list.

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Funny you say, Lindsay. That’s how it’s setup and it’s still keeping the list’s separate - not merging into one. Any plug-in ideas for doing the math? Thanks for the tips

Are these the same type? If not the same type you can’t group by. So plan B…

I can help you with a custom plugin for your use case here

Yes, they are the same datatype. The “Parent Task” is of type “Task” and the “List of Subtasks” is a “List of Tasks”.

Hmmm, can you screenshot your chart data source for the X and Y? Maybe I or someone else will spot a glitch. Worth checking this before adding complexity with plugins, list math etc …

I agree and thank you for taking the time to take a look. There are a few filters on the lists. I’ve tested about every variation of grouping and merging but there’s probably one way I have over looked. This was the latest version with aggregation by count with the same results:

Hi Jared,

Thank you for the offer. I will continue to explore the options available and may chat with you if I hit more road blocks. It would seem that merging 2 lists in bubble’s graphing plugin would be fairly standard.


I think the issues is that the group by Date needs to formatted to a day - similar to how you did the Label expression. It’s not going to group on a to the second date. (I am guessing)

And FWIW Jared knocks out plugins quick-smart!

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Good idea. I’ll give that a shot. Thanks for taking a look and great to meet you and Jared both.

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