How to modify one single entry in live database

I have a journal app, with a fairly simple database structure. One of my users reported the loss of a note. I was able to find it but I don’t know why, it’s not attached to the user, instead it shows: “deleted thing”.

How can I modify the live database and put the correct user in the “created by” field (instead of the deleted thing) so that my user can find his note ?

Thank you very much for your help :pray:

Hi there, @afleuricourt… the short answer is you can’t because the built-in Created By field can’t be modified. You will have to have the user recreate the note.


Indeed, as @mikeloc says, you can’t manually edit the created by field… so you’ll have to create a new thing instead.

(the fact that it says ‘deleted thing’ almost certainly means the note wasn’t actually created by the User you think it was, but rather by a logged-out temporary User who has now been deleted from the database).

If it’s just a one-off, and you want a simple ‘fix’ without having to get the User involved, you could always ‘run as’ the User in question, and create the same Note again whilst logged in as them.

Personally, I usually avoid relying on the built in ‘created by’ field for User created things for this very reason, and always add my own User field to relate the thing to the User… then if you ever need to create or modify something as an admin on another User’s behalf, you can do so easily with no issues.

Thank you both for taking the time to respond. I assumed I couldn’t modify the field, but I thought there might be a solution :).

I can’t “Run as” the user and recreate the note because the app doesn’t allow to create a Note afterwards (here dated 19.02.23).

Anyway, thank you very much all this information @adamhholmes, I will add my own user field instead of ‘created by’ as suggested !

Well then, just change it so it does (or create a new admin page, even a temporary one, so you can do it there).