How to pass a parameter to popup?


I have a “startup” page, showing a “startup” data type.
On this page I want to add an “Add rating” button that will open a popup with “rating” data type.
“rating” data type has a “startup” field.
How can I pass the “startup” id of field from the “startup” page to the “rating” poopup?


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From the popup you can use: Current Page Startup's unique id or just Current Page Startup as needed.


Thanks for the quick response!
Where should I use the “Current Page Startup”?
Popup’s type is “Rating”, not “Startup” - so I don’t have access to Current Page Startup in the popup.


Where do you need the startup id?

In the popup, so I can directly set it on the rating.
(User opens the rating popup from a startup’s page)

I understand that you need it in the popup. I ask for more precise indications.

I guess the user asign a rating to the startup, so you could make changes to a Rating making a search for Ratings with a constraint where startup = Current Page Startup? for example.

If you don’t elaborate it’s difficult to help.

The popup contains a form to add a rating.
In that form, instead of having the user to choose again the startup with a dropdown (to set the “startup” field in the “rating” entity), I want to use a hidden field that auto-sets the startup’s field value to the Current Page Startup.

I appreciate your help!

Please, check again, you should be able to access the Current Page Thing from the popup regardless the pop up thing being another thing.

Well… it’s not there :slight_smile:
Maybe it has to do with the fact that the popup is a reusable element?

Of course. From the reusable you can’t access the page. That is important information.

Just use states, create a state on the reusable pass the startup to that state and then access the state from within the reusable.

Great, it works!
Thanks a lot for your help, I’m pretty new with Bubble (<8 hours :slight_smile:)

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I am trying to push data through to a pop up and I have been following your responses to people asking similar questions but I just cannot seem to get my app to work

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You’ll have to provide us with a detailed explanation of your problem if you wanna be helped.

Hi there. Recently, I started working independently, renting an office in Dubai, I want to create my website. I started developing it, but I just can’t figure out how to make pop-up tabs? Perhaps there are special applications for this? Guys, what advice would you give me? Unfortunately, the answers that I found here do not quite suit me. Thank you all in advance for your answers.

What’s a pop-up tab?