How to remove the (Sender's Name via so the recipient doesn't see that?

When I send out emails it shows it comes from my domain, but it adds the (George Nelson via Is there a way to remove that tag? It sends it to junk mail.


Where does it show this?

I think your authentication settings need to be completely filled out.

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in the From line of the email

I think you need to adjust or add your DKIM keys and or other authentication settings from within Sendgrid and that will go away.

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Go through co pilots send grid app instead of bubble native

Thanks @JustinC. I didn’t know what DKIM was so I searched for it on sendgrid. From there it was simple, and it now works as it should.

Thanks, but I do my best to stay away from anything CoPilot.

You can use any of the plugins, just don’t send through bubble directly

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