How to reset a user's password for them?

When a user forgets their password and is about as tech-savvy as a salt and vinegar potato chip (i.e. can’t figure out the password reset process), is there a way I can reset their password for them?

  1. Button/Icon “Start/Edit Workflow
  2. Account
  3. Assign temp password to a user

Thanks @danielolssontrbg87, this way, I have no control over what the temp password is, but I guess I could email it to myself and then go through a password reset process that way.

You can either email it to yourself, or put in a customstate or in the database
users with a field “temp-pw” and save it there.

More or less “reset a password” then on step 2 “make change to field/customstate” of result of step 1

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