How to save data in Rich Text Input?[SOLVED]

Okay so I want my users to use Rich Text Input to write something and then I want to save that data and display it the same way as it was saved i.e. with the same formating.

And how will I save the images ,inserted by user , in my database ?

You just save it as text.

Photos inserted work the same way.

As a little trick, if you have images on the page, you can drag and drop them into the Rich Text Element and they will be stored as well.


Thanks @NigelG. But I am a beginner and so I don’t even know how to store text in database. Could you please resolve that issue also? Thanks in advance.
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Maybe you should start by working through the Bubble lessons.


I have been through those lessons already. Could you specify which lesson should redo.

Any of them to do with saving data. Try this one;


Thanks @DaveA. I can now save data through rich input text.

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Hi Nigel, I have tried your trick it is pretty neat.
But …
… may be you can help. In case I drag and drop picture into rich text editor I see in the database, that it is stored and encoded in Base64 encoding.

I am using a text element to display the structured text, which work pretty good. Text element is stretching to the size of text and formating is ok, but instead of the picture there is only an icon.
Do you know how to overcome that?
Showing the text in the RichTextEditor element doesn’t seem as an option. When placed in a repeating group, it is not stretching to the size of text, controls - toolbars are visible etc.
Multiline input is not working for mee too.

Any idea?

I wrote about it here: How to dIsplay rich text with pictures