How to save dynamic fields in database?

Hello Bubblers,

I don’t know how to setup my database for the following usecase:

I’m building a marketplace for global payroll providers.

I have a database of 250 countries.

Then a have a database of global payroll providers ‘Partners’ that can offer services in one to many countries.

Each provider can set a price per country for the services they provide. For example if they provide ‘Employer of Record’ services in a country, they can set a price for it. If they offer ‘Payroll’ services in a country, they can set a price for it.

Now I could add 250 fields to the partners database, which would reflect the ‘Employer of Record’ service. Then I add another 250 fields to the partners database which would reflect the ‘Payroll’ service. But I don’t think this would be a very elegant way to set this up.

What would be the best way to set this up?

Looking forward to your ideas!

Create a datatype for ‘Price’ that connects a Partner, a Service, a Country, and a Price.

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Not a bad idea!

Do you think this would be the most elegant architecture?