How to send space in text to bubble api

Hi I’ve set up an api for POST request for workflow to run.
I have text field ‘fullname’ and I set data to be ‘firstname lastname’ then send to workflow to create new thing.

but only firstname appear in ‘fullname’. It cut the text after space out.

how can I send ‘firstname lastname’ (with space) to workflow?

Thank you

How do you send the data? JSON? Url encoded?

this is what my cURL looks like

-H “Authorization: Bearer XXXXX”
-F ID=1551
-F promotionID=XXXX
-F fullname=name surname

  • When I try -F fullname=“name surname”
    it come up with "name

  • Can I send data with JSON?

Sure, you can set the endpoint to initialize and send the JSON payload to initialize it. Bubble will parse it and you will be able to use the JSON payload

I switch to JSON and it work, thank you :slight_smile:

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