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How to set a default value in repeating group?

Hello : )

I have a question about using repeating group function.

Now, there is no default value. So every contents show when I load this page.
I want to set a value in repeating group by default. And I want the content that belongs to the default value to be showed right away when I load this page.

I need your help.
Thank you.

Couple of ideas,

  1. Put default values in your data - ie the field has a default value in the field definition of the database - this is the way I’d do it. I’d ponder why your repeating group is taking so long to load that you felt the need to do this also.

  2. You could mess around with conditions and checking if the repeating group is loading. You could put conditions on the text, groups. (if table is loading text content is XXX sort of thing).

  3. You could pre-load the content of the repeating group into a custom state. Then there is no “retrieval time” to wait when you display the RG.

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