Repeating group, showing text based on value in field for each record

Hi All, I have a repeating group displaying records and then to the right I have group with a text field. If the question type is ‘Multiple Choice’, I want the text to display specific text, if it’s ‘Free Format’ it will display another type.

I have it working perfectly other than when it first shows the group that contains the repeating group.

Upon first load:

If I navigate to record 2, the text updates (on the right):

If I navigate back to record 1 it correctly updates the text.

How do I ensure the text displays correctly straight away for the 1st record?

Thanks very much


Probably happening because the state on ‘dashboard’ is empty on page load? Have you tried setting a workflow on page load that sets the default value for this state?

thanks for that, I had set the state when the number button was clicked but not set a default when loaded. Appreciated, a great help.

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