Best way to split users into privileged/non-privileged at signup

Hi all,

I’m creating a ‘dating app’ style interface where users are either consumers or businesses. I want to protect the ability to create business listings to businesses that have a passcode

I have set up the app so far, but need to work out how to include a passcode in the signup stage, that then allows the user to choose the user-type business, with others defaulting to the user-type customer.

I can put conditionals on parts of the settings page that allow the user to enter data specific to businesses.

Am I thinking about this in the right way? Are there other ways of approaching this problem? And if I have the right approach, what are the best ways to solve this problem?

As with many development / design processes, there are so many ways to go about it. This approach is valid, but you could also route businesses to a separate page instead for onboarding so you can be more tailored with the design and all content, it also means normal users wouldn’t see any “are you a business” stuff.

In terms of the code, depends how secure you want this to be, i normally create an Invite based system, where I will send out an invite which the user enters at signup and this then deletes the invite so another user cant use the same code etc.

Does that all make sense?

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Hi, yes that makes sense.

I’m tending towards the separate login page (and built one today). I thought about passing on page parameters to the settings page from the separate login, but this seems complicated. I wonder if there’s an easier way to do it?

Passing params for what purpose?

I need for the settings page to know they’ve come from login-business rather than login-general. Params seem to be the only way to carry that information and then modify what’s displayed on settings.

Not really, once the user is logged in there should be a field on their profile to indicate the user type right?

Just use that field in your conditional rules within settings :slight_smile:

Not really, once the user is logged in there should be a field on their profile to indicate the user type right

But I want to hide the ability to choose user-type from any person who does not have a privileged user class.

How do I do this from a login page?

Once I have that information passed to the page then I can use conditionals etc easily.

Can you share a screenshot of where / what you’re wanting to hide? And at what stage of the process it comes up?

The hiding isn’t so much the problem - I’ll simply put conditionals on the repeating group picture uploader, and a few of the headings and inputs.

I need for the Tinder-style interface to only display user-business to users who are user-customer, because I don’t want customers to view each other. The simple way to do this would be to allow users to choose their own user-type after login, but I don’t want customers to have this option at all - account creation of user-business type should be restricted.

I would just be assigning the user type at account creation stage. So if the user goes through the business signup form, their account is listed as a business account, that should be fine?

Yes, but how do I do that? How do I assign a user-type at that stage, while passcode protecting that signup?

I would be using the invite based method I mentioned earlier to avoid double sign ups, so when you are giving businesses access to it you just send them a link to the business sign up page, when they enter the code if it’s valid they can create their business account, hope that makes sense? If not DM me and we can do a screen share session to go over it