How to show different users different information on the same page, updating in real time

I’ve been building this sales huddle app, you can see this post on the structure of the database.

Now, I’m trying to show the work statements that have been submitted for a specific sales huddle and I’m having an issue with showing the data.

Here’s what I’d like to happen

  1. There is an admin user (me) and members (users)
  2. There is one specific sales Huddle page. Here is the edit page: Saleshuddle | Bubble Editor
  3. The admin can select from a dropdown which Sales Huddle to show work statements. Here’s the data source
  4. The admin selects the sales huddle and then that data shows up in the repeating group. Here is how the repeating group searches for and filters data.
  5. All of the members can see the repeating group data.

Right now, what happens is that

  1. The admin can select the information and the repeating group will update for the admin. Here’s what it looks like from the admin side once I’ve submitted a Sales Huddle from the drop down.
  2. It will not update for the other users/members who are on the page at the same time. From the user side, they still see all of the sales huddles.

Any thoughts?

@louisadekoya since you have a similar app, I’m tagging you. In case you’ve figured it out already.

I think this relates to my recent comment on your other post. It should be easier if you’re Members disks on the huddle is a list of huddle _members.


Consider setting up a system where users have a role (role1, role2, role3 … whatever makes sense … regular, premium, vip … or by dept fin, mktg, hr, etc etc).

Create this role and make sure that one of the fields of this data type is of type “user”.

Then, add this data type as a field to any other data type in your system where you need to discriminate the visibility/access to data.

Now in your conditions or searches you can use “datatype1’s role is current user’s role”.

Hope this helps and good luck with your app.

Ahh yes, because then the repeating group can show the search the Current User’s perspective! Genius.

Thank you for the thought. I understand the role part, right now there is only two roles: Admin and user (the user is the sales huddle member).

I can see how the role can help with searching for the data, but I do not understand how it can help to dynamically display context in real time. For example, admin changes something and page refreshes for users instantly. Would it address this?

It is very simple, you create a field in the database of the type [news] or as you want to call the information you want to disclose to the sales group, most important thing and you relate to user or the field that is using dynamic page. you can place links in the texts if you want or leave them dynamic by the level of access of your sellers. Hope this helps.

Thank you for your help, I appreciate. I’m missing or not understanding something in the answer.

I found a different solution. It’s not dynamic, but it works, which is what most important to me right now.

  1. There is an admin page that selects the Sales Huddle I want to show. I click on “create Huddle” and it sends that data to a different page, lets call it “Sales huddle show”
  2. The show page is shared with the members who are in that Huddle automatically.

If others want to do the same thing, I’m happy to share exactly how I made it, just ask.