Question about two sided signup form and application verifycation

I am creating two different types of users to sign up for an application so I created two separate pages for each to sign up on. Both look the same although for the one I would like it to bring them to an application form they would have to fill out before their account was officially set up and I would verify them before it was.

I am wondering what the best way to go about doing this would be? Should I make it in the workflow so that once the user fills out the initial signup box it’s hidden and the application form pops up? If so how do I still retrieve and hold the information from the initial signup information? and then once the form is filled how do I make it so everything is held until I verify this?

Also under data, for an application with two types of users since bubble come with a (user) already, would I just label that the one type and then create another field labeled(user-2) or something?

I hope I’m making sense, and thank you for your time in reading this

It is best to keep just the one user data type that comes with bubble and then add a yes/no field to define the user type. So for instance if one user is a customer and the other user is a company you can add the data type Company? Yes/no then set companies as Yes and customers as No.

After a user has signed in you can show them the application form and save this data to that user. Then add another yes/no field called Verified?. Once they have submitted the application this will be set a No and you can change this to Yes when you have verfied them.

When it comes to displaying the data later you can set a condition so that only data from users with Verified? = Yes will show.

Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions?

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