How would I go about setting this data heirarchy?

I noticed that the database hierarchy doesn’t seem to go far enough for my needs. I need it along these lines.

Cooling System
–Failed Contactor
------Identifying Service Number
----Repair Description
------Text describing service
----Retail Price
----Retail Overtime

When I start to input data I am using Option Sets since my data won’t be editable. Would I put the service description, code, and price in the option sets? Or would those be “things” to put in the database and then link to the option set with? If that’s not how I should do it, then there aren’t enough nesting options to complete the option set. Any ideas?

Do not use option sets

Create data type “Failed Contactor” with the needed fields

Populate the needed entries so that they are available when needed

Thanks for the help, decided not to do option sets and everything has fallen into place. Good thing I don’t want to display different models lol.

Update. That doesn’t seem to work because bubble wont let me choose to search through all of the database, just the specific data types one at a time. It seems to be the structure that needs adapting to bubble I just dont know how and can’t find a tutorial.