How can I include a clickable list of recent posts in an email?

I’m basically trying to include a Repeating Group in an email with each item being a clickable link.

I can do the search, but all I get is eg my post titles in a list with no line breaks.

Make sure your nested elements inside the RG row are populated with their type (in case of groups) and parented down.

Once this happens … the text element that displays your post titles can then use the following expression > parent group’s post title

This will display them one at a time. :+1:

Thanks. But how do I get an RG in my email? That’s the core of my question. I should have searched the forum. This looks like it might be what I need:

You are on the right track.

Many folks use the Toolbox plugin’s List Item Expression element. On that thread, I recommend that you pay special attention in that step here > Recreate repeating group in email

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Thank you. You are always very generous with your help.

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