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Yesterday, I asked “How to convert HTML to BBcode” and no one answered, so I try to change the question.
I want to build a repeating group with data get from an external API that gives me back an HTML description.
How can I convert HTML to plain text?

I found this plugin → HTML To Text Converter Plugin | Bubble

It works, but I don’t know how to run it inside a repeating group element.

So, how can I convert HTML from external API into a text?

Hey can you share the picture of the data you are getting back, using text option and selecting get data from external api, I dont know why you are not able to do that?

The plugin doesn’t work for an RG because you have to build a workflow where the plain text needs an element ID attribute to be shown.
As you can see in the workflow you need to put an ID attribute to “Input ID”, which is related to a multiline input element.

If you put an “ID attribute” to an element that is inside your RG, you will see the result only for the first line of the RG. Because this ID attribute is unique.

You can dynamically create unique IDs. Just :append it with something unique like Cell Index or the cell’s source’s unique ID

You don’t need a plugin. You can simply run a find and replace on the HTML like this:

This should run fine inside a repeating group or even in workflows if you wish.
Here is the Regex for easy copying (Make sure the Use a rexex pattern box is checked):


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It works! thanks!

thanks, this is another option!

I am glad it does. You’re welcome.

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Do you know why it doesn’t work for me? I did everything you said but the text remains the same. I attach screenshots.

Thanks in advance!

It works, but it is for changing HTML to text. Your inputs are URL encoded text not HTML text. So you need to Google : Remove URL encoding

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