I need help in my app, it takes 2 min

Hello Guys, i´m new in bubble and i need your help please…

I made an app where you can track your trades (finance area) and when a user logs in and puts his account balance, his trades, his notes, etc, the same information goes to another user…

What is happening is that the information in data base is like public to all users and isn´t private, can you help me please?
I already searched for information but can´t find.


Hi there, @rodrigobaratascp… you are very likely going to have to dive in super deep and learn about privacy rules. Nobody is going to be able to tell you exactly what to do to make sure users can only see their own data because we have no idea how your app is set up. But again, privacy rules are almost certainly going to be the answer, and there are plenty of resources out there where you can learn about them.


Hi Mike, thanks.

My question is, how can i make an app where the content that you put in the app is meant only for you.
I show an example, this chart is supposed to be the growth of my account for example, the problem is when another user adds a value to their account it shows on mine.
This graph should only have the last value (wich was created by me) but has 3 diferent values that has been addded by another users…

I gave you the answer… privacy rules. You need to spend time learning about them.

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Thanks Mike

Thanks Mike, already solved!

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And search constraints (as a backup).