I need help please...getting really frustrated

So, you’re working with dates. (Also, your interface looks quite nice - well done.) Working with dates can be challenging. There’s something that YOU are doing that is causing your “book appointment” element to not show.

You have a condition that’s resulting in either a null search or for the element to be hidden. (Basically.)

You’re gonna need help with dates. I’ve written a LOT (and created a lot of videos) about this as I have an app that is pretty much, exclusively, about dates.

If you want to invite me to your app to examine your editor, feel free. The challenges you’re experiencing have nothing to do with app capacity and are almost surely to do with client side stuff on the page. What you’re trying to do it complicated (at first) and it’s easy to get wrong.

In the meantime, it might help to review some fundamental (and not so fundamental) information about working with dates. Here are some pointers:

Full Calendar - Using a repeating group to pull events from a specific user - #8 by keith

Hope this helps!