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I need help please...getting really frustrated

For the longest time now I’ve been experiencing weird behavior within my app. I noticed at times that when I’m constantly testing a WF, that WF would stop working. For example, if I’m trying to build a WF where I allow a user to book recurring appointments, and I’m constantly testing obviously because I’m trying to get the correct WF, the WF would stop working. Either the info won’t save to the DB or the element doesn’t work, or the elements disappear. I’ve experienced them all.

I reached out to bubble and explained the situation and this was their response:

My question is, as a non programmer, with no knowledge of the inner workings of code and/or organization of WFs, how am I supposed expect to have success with bubble? Because when I initially create the WFs, they work just fine. It’s only after constant testing that this occurs. What’s worse is that it transfers to the live environment as well. So does that mean if the WF is constantly ran in live mode, it could potentially occur as well? It’s to the point that it’s happening every week now.

It’s so frustrating and it’s making me want to just give up because when you’ve worked on something so much only to have it go haywire and you’re clueless as to how to avoid it, how could you not?!

Please, if there is anyone who has experienced the same thing or anyone who knows what I’m doing wrong, please lend some knowledge.

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Hi Antonio!
It’s a little bit hard to help you with your issue without seeing your setting.
There’s a lot of thing that can get involved. One thing I think is that you probably use a Search or something like that, and because your DB is increasing, this take longer to process and may result in this kind of issue. Also, sometimes, when you test, you forget about privacy setting that can also affect search and save to DB.

So maybe you can provide WF screenshot and explain exactly where it fail. Also, if you run the WF in step by step mode, do this issue happen too? (A lot of time, this doesn’t happen in step-by-step but happen in normal… this is a good example of what Eve mean in reply you got from support).


So, you’re working with dates. (Also, your interface looks quite nice - well done.) Working with dates can be challenging. There’s something that YOU are doing that is causing your “book appointment” element to not show.

You have a condition that’s resulting in either a null search or for the element to be hidden. (Basically.)

You’re gonna need help with dates. I’ve written a LOT (and created a lot of videos) about this as I have an app that is pretty much, exclusively, about dates.

If you want to invite me to your app to examine your editor, feel free. The challenges you’re experiencing have nothing to do with app capacity and are almost surely to do with client side stuff on the page. What you’re trying to do it complicated (at first) and it’s easy to get wrong.

In the meantime, it might help to review some fundamental (and not so fundamental) information about working with dates. Here are some pointers:

Full Calendar - Using a repeating group to pull events from a specific user

Hope this helps!

hello @keith thank you for your reply and your compliment. I have looked at most of your post and comments about dates and you’re correct, they are challenging. I’ve tried to use/implement most of what i’ve read from your post especially since i’m using your plugin for my application. What’s made it hard for me and manipulating dates for my application using your plugin is that I’m using the construct a list of dates in order to generate my timeslots. My data types for setting availability for a user are the days of the week as individual data types. so Mon is a data type, Tues is a data type etc. The user has a field that relates to those data types: Monday = the user’s Monday1. Hopefully this is clear.

When constructing the list of dates, the data source is the list of constructed dates so it limiting how i can manipulate the dates because the constructed list is for each day of the week. So I have 7 api WFs that generate a list of timeslots. And there’s no way for me to manipulate them. I’m having to do it on the repeating group of time slots utilizing conditions.

I would love for you to take a look. I’m truly appreciative. I’ll send the link in a PM.

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Hey @gaffneyantonio: well shoot… I was wondering how you did your list of time slots, etc.!

Happy to help you as the goal of CG Pro is to make advanced date manipulation easy for Bubblers. (And this is a tall order, eh?)

Of course, it’s impossible for me to predict every challenge that users might hit. But just as I did recently for @petter, if there’s something I can build to make enabling your app easier, I’m happy to help.

Please shoot me an invite to your app or whatnot (hit me up on private message here and we’ll get it sorted).

BTW, plugin authors have no way of knowing who is subscribed to their plugins, so it’s not surprising that I wouldn’t immediately understand that your app was using CG Pro… I was literally, like, dang, how’d he do that? :man_shrugging:


(And, trust, there’s a simpler way of doing what you’re trying to do and we’ll figure it out and make it easier for ourselves and for others who plod the same trail, right?)

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I’m experiencing a similar level of frustration with my app and I’m so close to launching it. These issues make me want to look at other platforms.

You should start your own post, explain your issue and probably someone can help you fix it or find a solution

Already did. A really weird bug is stopping me from launching my app