Idea: Ability to sweep multiple elements up/down and left/right

Short version: Can we have functionality similar to this in Bubble, please?

Longer version
Given that avoiding spaces at the bottom of pages relies on not having overlapping groups, it would be great to be able to add a specified number of pixels to the Y position of (one or) multiple elements in one go, primarily groups.

I see at least three options for doing this:
a) A menu item for “Move up/down)”, which when selected opens a pop-up allowing the developer to specify the number of pixels and whether to move up or down by that number. A “Move left/right” option could also be implemented for the X position. This could of course also be extended to the height and width of groups.
b) A +[ ] field next to the Y (or X, W, H) fields
c) A drawing app I use for system drawing includes a couple of very useful tools called the sweeper and magnet. When deployed, they allow you to increase or reduce the space between elements by simply dragging and releasing. The youtube video linked above shows the tools being used to move items left/right but they also work to move items up and down.

I appreciate that it may be tricky to ensure that elements keep within their parent elements when this is done, but probably no more so that when one types in values directly currently.


I’d also find it useful to be able to click a spot on the page and then specify a number of pixels to move the content below it down (and increase page length by the same number). Particularly useful for long pages with lots of elements/groups.