✨ Magic "Auto Insert & Shift Elements Down" button

TLDR: Can Bubble (please) insert elements like webflow does?

Perhaps there’s a better way that I just don’t know about… Please someone tell me if this is so. Say I’ve:

  1. Built a complex app with lots of groups that hide/appear at the right times to present various tabs or multi-step user flows within a single page.
  2. I’ve structured all of these groups such that the bottom of one touches the top of the next one… with a chain of maybe 8 of these that span 12,000 vertical pixels within the bubble editor.
  3. All of these groups are hidden by default (to implement objective 1 above) such that whenever I reload the editor - or switch back from editing backend workflows, all of those groups are invisible again.

God forbid I want to add content to tab 2 (group 2 in the editor) because now I have to make groups 3 through 8 visible so I can select them, to shift them down 600 pixels (but I can’t do this until I’ve increased the main page’s height from 12k pixels to 12.6k pixels). Then and only then should I increase tab 2’s height by 600px.

Zues smite me if instead of 600px, it turns out my additional content really needed 680px to sit in nicely within its new tab as I will have to repeat that whole process over again. Strike me dead if I want to add content to a group nested in another group sub-nested 3 nests down from the parent level. Now I’m spending 10 minutes just increasing vertical heights of everything on the page or shifting elements down by that much. And messing up what good work/sizings I already had.

There has to be an easier way.

Please save me. Is there a trick I’m missing here? Or does the bubble editor need to have something like an “Auto Insert & Shift Elements Down” button?

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If there is a trick or an easier way, I would love to know what it is, too, because I’m getting tired of Zues smiting me exactly as you have described. Give it a rest already, eh, Zues?!?

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Seriously - this would save so much development time/tedium on larger apps