Bulk Element Movement / Move all elements on page

I run into the problem all the time on Bubble where I need to add space high up on a page and I have to go through and click on every element/group below it and move it down, probably won’t get the spacing right first time and will have to go through and click each one and move them again, etc.

It’d be nice to have a feature where we can automatically move everything that’s below an element that we move. I think I’ve seen this somewhere, maybe Wix?

You know, Adobe Muse had a great UI for this. There was basically a little doohickey on the left hand side of the page you could grab and drag to reposition everything below it. Super handy.

(I’m describing it badly, but in case Bubble is paying attention, Muse’s interface for this sort of thing is the one to beat…)

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Yeah this really is a must to get implemented as moving elements around to reshuffle the page design can be a real time waster on big pages just to do something quite minor. Sure there are workaround like using groups that are hidden and set to collapse but it still becomes a tedious process to manage.

There are a few requests for this already I believe somewhere in the forum threads…

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