Idea for Bubble


I was learning on Webflow, and I found something interesting for the responsiveness of the website. When You modify your site it affect also in the mobile. But when you modify in the mobile it’s not affect the desktop. It really cool to have this feature because it’s more easy for us to make a responsive app. Maybe it could be the next feature for bubble ?

What do you think @emmanuel ?

Thanks for sharing this idea! Would you mind posting it on our Ideaboard? This will allow other users to upvote your suggestion, and our team will keep it in mind as we continue to work to improve Bubble. :slight_smile:

Hi @eve
I always forget the Idea board. Maybe it should appear when we enter a new post in this topic?
Also, possible to mark “completed” one in the list? Example Bulk file deleted was added a few weeks ago.

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Hey @jici! The Ideaboard is pinned to the top of this forum category, but I’ll see what I can do about including it by default for all Idea-category posts, thanks for the suggestion!

Ideas that have been added get marked as “Solved” – we’ll likely keep them on the board to ensure users that we do look at these suggestions and make changes based on them. :slight_smile:

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Ok. Didn’t see Solved on any of them (and not on the File manager: bulk delete multiple uploaded files request one that I know is done). But it’s a good thing to know :wink:


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