Ideaboard ideas not moving into 'All Ideas'

Hi Bubblers,

This is something that’s been raised on another thread but not acknowledged, so I’m creating a fresh thread for it here.

Any idea I’ve added to the Bubble ideaboard in the last two months has appeared greyed out in the My Ideas tab (see screengrab below), and doesn’t appear if you search for it in ‘All Ideas’.

Given that the Ideaboard is Bubble’s preferred submission area for hearing & gauging popularity of new ideas, does anyone know why ideas are prevented from being searchable & voted on?

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You are probably going to need to reach out to to get that answer.

Thanks Mike - I didn’t think the support team would be able to help with the Ideaboard since it’s not an issue with an app, but I’ve dropped them an email on your recommendation.

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Update: Bubble’s product team review the ideas before they go live in ‘All Ideas’, but the team are currently dealing with a backlog. From my email with Bubble support:

Ideaboard entries are reviewed and approved by the Product team before they are made public and available in the “All Ideas” tab. That being said, I have flagged this with the Product Team and they informed us that they are currently backlogged and will review these Ideas as soon as they can.