Ideaboard search is broken

I know Bubble are trying to encourage us to use the Ideaboard for new ideas, but I’ve spotted that the main search box on the page doesn’t always return a full set of results.

For example, if I search for “date range” on the main Ideaboard page, I only get three ideas. However, when I go to submit an idea and give the summary “date range”, it gives me eight relevant ideas to look at. It would be helpful for upvoting & discovery purposes if these ideas came up when I was searching using the main search box on the Ideaboard page.

Has anyone else spotted this?

Thanks for reporting this! This was somewhat intentional, though confusing users was not! Currently, the popup search leverages an algolia index, because we want it to be fast and show more results (even if your search query doesn’t EXACTLY match) whereas the main search was intended to be more of an exact match.

This feedback helps us understand that our intentions can sometimes create confusion for users! I’ll bring this up with the team to see if we want to make these two searches line up a bit more.

Thanks again for your feedback!


Thanks Sam!