Ideaboard merged ideas - where do they go?

Hello Bubblers,

I submitted an idea on the Ideaboard a while back and have just noticed it’s been marked as “merged”. That leaves me with a few questions:

Q1) When I search for a similar idea in the Ideaboard, I can’t find any. How can I find out what it has been merged with? The button on the idea that says “merged” isn’t clickable. It would be great if I could click this and it would take me to the live idea, so I can upvote it!
Q2) Who merges these ideas, and when did it happen? I wasn’t informed that my idea had been merged or why. I assume it’s to deal with duplicates, but as I said, I can’t find a similar idea in the Ideaboard. Would it be possible to add notifications about ideas submitted, like the Forum has notifications?


wondering the same, i have 2 merged ideas. then it has a thing where you can copy a link, i thought pasting that in the url would take me to what it is merged with, but nothing happened

Hi @grgrsmth!

Did you get any hint on this? I was looking for an idea allowing us to format date difference as we want, like: ‘00:00:00’ for instance, but the idea is ‘merged’…


Nope, that’s not possible to see.

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Thanks @artemzheg, and do you know what ‘merged’ means? → is it merged with another idea, or is it a state of development of the idea?