I'm looking for a faster way for fuzzy search to look up things without pressing Enter

I would like to start this with giving @adriannestone credit for her brilliant workaround to prompt search&autocorrect to look up things without clicking way from the search bar or pressing enter.

The problem is that the method is too slow, to the degree that I though it was not working at first.

I want to see if the community has any other workarounds for this.

Below are the two key workflows that @adriannestone suggests using:

I would use the input watcher plugin if the native inputs denounce is too slow for you

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Thanks! I’ll give it a try

I’m having problems setting the watcher up

Before you rush back for a personal bubble consultant to tutor you, please search thru the forum or even just check out the demo page. It’s super easy.

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God damn that’s fast

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yeah, sorry about that

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All good! When I was a forum noob I was tagging, posting with no context or photos, just complaints.

You got this! Good luck.

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