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Hi Steven, thanks for the quick response! Do you have a rough ETA for this? We’re trying to decide if we should develop a work around in the meantime. If this is coming soon we’ll just wait.

Going to try to get this pushed through mid next week

I’m using this plug in and really like it. A big question for me is that I need the final cropped image to only be a maximum of 340 pixels wide (or any defined value). I notice if I upload a really huge image and crop it, the final cropped image is still really big when it only needs to fit into a window that is 340 pixels. Is there a way to shrink the final crop down to a defined dimension so that I’m not saving files that are overly large? It’s a waste of space really.


I’ll look into implementing this in the plugin. It should be possible.

Hi there,

That would be great… case in point: in past apps on other platforms I’ll have users upload images that only need to be at screen resolution, like an avatar or something. But unknowingly they may upload a 4K image and crop it appropriately for an avatar. If the cropper didn’t interpolate that down, then the avatar image is still going to be enormous for what only needs to be a 200x200 screen resolution image.

I’ve tested this with the Image Cropper and found that indeed, an overly huge source image will get cropped down nicely, but the resulting image that gets saved is still inappropriately large for something that only needs to be at screen resolution.

Having that ability to target the final cropped image size in either pixels or by file size would be a great function to mitigate file space usage.


Share the final version here too.

@toplead1995 @underhill.dan

Just published a new version of the plugin it allows you to input a max width/height in the “Get Cropped Image” action.

You can see it on the demo here.

Output Width and height


I need Cropper to start with a height, width and position in the image, I am generating several crop of the same image, and I need to automate this so that I can, make an AxB size crop in the X / Y position and then do another crop beside, how can I do this with this plugin?

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Unfortunately you can’t do this with the current settings, so you can’t set it up. But I know it is possible to build into the plugin. I’ll look more into getting this implemented for you.

Hello thanks for the prompt reply, see the example I need to take an image and crop it in 4 parts in 6 parts in x equal parts (a mozaico), inform me about the implementation so that I can buy.


I have been using the free croppie plugin and need to switch. Major pain points with the croppie plugin is that the cropped image is not saved as an image file and the file size is anywhere from 2 to 20 times larger than the original image.

Does this plugin save a cropped image as a PNG or IMG file?

Does this plugin save a cropped image to have a smaller or the same file size as the original image?

Hi @boston85719
Sorry for the late response.

The file is saved as a PNG.

Your cropped file should be smaller. You can actually adjust the quality output by setting the “Max Output width” or “Max Output height”

Hi @steven.junio91

Will this crop an existing uploaded image so, eg, I can display any uploaded image a perfect 100x100 square? I’m using a linkpreview to upload the image so just need to normalize my uploaded images for consistent display.

Yep. Let me know if you need help with setup

Thanks, and I hate to say this, I figured out how to take any image and crop to square using the imix standard plugin.

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There’s an imgix plugin??

Yes! I used it here. I use the free (at low volume) Link Preview plugin to pull in an image from the url my users post to the site.

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Oh yes, ok, you mean the imgix settings accessible on Bubble. Yes, sure! But as imgix as a ton of settings, I believed we had access to all these settings.


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This plugin is really useful. I use it in my app 1long with the image compression plugin, and it works like a charm. I first resize, then I crop, perfect!

One question, please : how can we reset the image cropper component? If I set the original image equal to null, I got an error. And there’s no action to reset it, or at least, I haven’t found any way to reset this component.

Many thanks and well done for this great plugin!


I have this runtime error every time I upload an image… Could you please help or let me know what I’m supposed to do?

Many thanks in advance!