Images - Is there any way to auto-detect aspect ratio?

The only way I have found to display images without distortion is to hit get info, pull the total width and height and set that as the aspect ratio.

Idea - Have the app help detect the image ratio. If possible allow us to preset it or check a box to use the images aspect, not the default which goes to 1 to 1.

At the last, show us a column in the file manager (which could be easier to navigate to as well) …

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I am interesting here as well. Despite using image element, and Rescale option, rather than Zoom, I have added a text for members to use to upload “Ration 1:1”, but of course all of us different, and some members either don’t have a such dimension photo, or don’t see the indication beside all of the other logical reasons.

What about a plugin, but is not that big issue, to make user crop the image, as when adding to the squared image element via image uploader?

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