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Implementation of H1 H2 Tags for SEO

Following up on the discussion in another thread on the forum,

I have tried to implement the H1. H2 tags for my site, and published them to the live environment. I do see the tags as described in the previous thread screenshot. But if I check with a few SEO tools online (Eg:, ) , they still say that the page doesn’t have any H1 H2 tags.

@skylershelton How did you confirm that the googlebot is picking up the header tags?.

Any help is appreciated.

try this, i put a h1 tag inside my page’s header (this is were it should be anyway) and made it 1px then the color of my background. as you can see the result after deploying the app way instantly visible at

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A lot of the SEO tools cannot read proprely webpages where the content is javascript generated (such as Bubble apps), unfortunately.

Thanks for the suggestion. As far as I know, these heading tags should be in the < body > tag, and not the < head > tag in the HTML. Will do some more reading to see, if this approach helps.

the header is basically the data about the data, honestly this is just my 2 cents but if something was to ever be more readable, available or understandable i would have thought that would be that data. im basing this on the fact that googles method of obtaining a sites data starts with something even more informative than that in their preferred scenario, the site map, then its next stop is the sites title inside the head so if your sitemap is live but not right you may not even get that h1 tag seen by their crawlers. unfortunately this is one of those topics that everyone differs, even official standard documents.

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