Importing a bubble app not working

I’m trying to import a .bubble file but it’s not working.

I have exported from another app and am trying to import here but when I click ok, the popup disappears immediately and then nothing happens. I have tried refreshing the editor and waiting 10 minutes but nothing.

Anyone have any ideas?

Please check on these points…

  • The Bubble importer might not detect errors in your file during import. If the file is manipulated or corrupted, it could affect your app import.
  • Large applications take longer to import. Ensure internet in good and not network outages in this process. May be 10 mins is not enough, give some time, dont refresh.
  • If the import is disrupted (power loss / network loss), simply restart the import process.

thanks. do let me if this helped it in some way.

Thanks for your help here.

  • I’m assuming you were referring to actual syntax errors in the json .bubble file but I haven’t touched that file at all. Direct export to direct import. I also did look for errors in the bubble app and there were two which I fixed. I also uninstalled all the plugins and then re-exported.
  • It’s a very small one page application with under 100 elements on the page
  • It’s possible I refreshed it before it was done but to make sure, I have left it running for 20 min now without doing anything after importing and still nothing. I have very good internet here and no power loss disruptions.

I’m guessing I need to email bubble support.
Thanks again for your help.

In that case you can try from different browser or different computer before you go to support this will eliminate any issues in your browser or cache

Try to import small application with just 1 or 2 elements and check if that goes well

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Yah good thinking. I’ll try that in a few hours. I’ll report back. Thanks again.

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I submitted to bubble. They were able to replicate the issue and confirmed this is a bug.

Appreciate your help.

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