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Incompatible Type (dropdown)

I’ve checked out a few topics posted for this, and haven’t found a solution.

I’m creating a new associate page. I collect the person’s name, employee ID, photo, status, site location, and company name. I have a table for Associates and a table for Companies. Associates belong to companies and companies belong to the sites. At least that’s what I’m trying to set up. See my data below.

On the page I have a dropdown for Company names. Below is my setup for that.

When I attempt to set up the workflow to submit the data from the page to the Associates table, Bubble is telling me that the Company dropdown is an ‘incompatible type.’ See below.

I initially figured that it probably had a problem with me submitting data to the Associates table, but accessing all the company names from the Companies table. So I tried to re-route that through Associates. Problem is that nothing shows up in the dropdown list when I do that. It becomes ‘compatible’ when I do that, but no options defeats the purpose.

Can someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong? I’m assuming it’s a relationship issue between the Associates and Companies tables. But I have Sites set up the same way and it allows me to use that dropdown.

What I can see actually is that the dropdown is named “Site dropdown” and not Company Dropdown. Can you share the setting for the company dropdown?

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Ooooh, yes. That appears to be it. In looking into this, I had this reversed. The site was named Company Dropdown and the company was named Site Dropdown. Weird. That makes more sense because the data isn’t consistent with what’s in the database then. Thank you so much for pointing out my oversight!

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