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Incomplete display via facebook post

The web page does not load properly when accessing via URL of the Facebook post. It seems that the parameter is added automatically to the URL, which would lead to an incomplete display such as repeating group or database data. Does anybody know the workaround?

Facebook’s in-app browser can be a bit problematic when it comes to loading web pages, as it does not work like real browsers such as Safari or Google Chrome. In order to preserve resources and provide faster loading times, Facebook loads pages based on the information it remembers from earlier times you have visited the same site through their browser. This comes with several downsides, such as sending an incomplete version of the page, or sending a rendering of a previous version of the page (although you may have since updated your site).

If a user has not clicked on the link to your site via Facebook before, it should render correctly for them. Because it is the user’s first time on your site via Facebook, their browser will be forced to load the page completely rather than basing it on previous renderings.

Since none of this is under our control, the suggested workaround involves ‘tricking’ the page into refreshing by itself every time a user navigates to it. Although this method is not guaranteed, one option could be to add a ‘page is loaded’ event to the problematic pages, that redirects to the page with an extra URL parameter (for example, []) every time you navigate to the page without a parameter. That way, every time someone navigates to your page using Facebook, a new and updated version of the page may possibly be cached in their servers. Another option could be adding a slug to the page, which may also potentially force the Facebook browser to refresh.

Let us know if either of these workarounds addressed your concerns, and I apologize for the limited information we are able to provide here. Please email us at [email protected] if you have any further questions or would like to provide us with additional details.

Not even bubble’s own site works properly in Facebook’s browser

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Which is wild because bubble spends money advertising on Facebook and linking to their site

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Hi, bhavika.kaneria,

I appreciate your insight. I’ve sent an email with further questions. I hope you have a good day!


This method does not work. Spoofing with random text slugs or a random UNIX slug and/or parameters on page load, the issue continues to persist. Can you come up with another fix?


Any updates on a workaround? This is a huge issue as most people do not leave Facebook to open up safari directly

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Wild issues, us all submitting bug reports will most definitely get their attention because multiple users is experiencing it:

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No work around that I know of at this time. I’m just telling Facebook users to open my app in an external browser like Safari.

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