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Input field formatting or markdown

Is there a way to allow the user to format text that they enter into an input or a multi line input? I don’t see an option in either input’s settings. There doesn’t seem to be any basic wysiwyg option that I can turn on. I’ve also tested entering text with markdown, but that doesn’t seem to work either.

There is, if you use the Rich Text Editor Plugin.



one question: I use the SCEditor to let the user write a message. User writes in the Rich Text Editor and a workflow will create a thing called “Message” with a field called “Message Body”. The content from the user will be saved in that field. This works perfect with a multilineinput.

However, when using the rich text editor nothing gets saved in the field? I use the following workflow (with multi line iput it works like i said)

Can somebody help?


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Have you tried using the debugger, step by step to see if the value is taken from the input as it should be?

I used the debugger. it does not take the input from the field.
I copied all elements including the workflows and pasted it on a new page. It works on the new page. Maybe there is something wrong because I just switched the multiline for the rich text and adjusted the workflows. I will erase the workflow completely and build it new. maybe this will help Just posting this in case somebody else has a similar problem. Will edit if I have new info.

Hi emmanuel,

this seems to be a bug or maybe I am missing something?

When the rich text is placed on a popup it does not work
When the rich text is placed directly on the site it works.

See screenshot

Are you sure you’re referring to the right element in your workflow? If you click on the ‘empty’ body and look at which element it’s coming from, is it the one in the popup?

100% sure - only have one rich text input.

I am going crazy here…I just replicated this on the forumapp and there it WORKS.
So…if I am able to get it working on the forumapp…I should understand the concept, right?
So what is wrong on my app that it saves all fields on mything that come from multilineinput but the one from rich text not. And ONLY when the rich text is on a popup…I dont get it…

So I just created a new page and copied everything from the old page to the new one (incl. workflows etc.) and it is working on the new page. Seems to me like a bug…

Please fill a bug report.