Inputs not accepting values


My app is currently not accepting values in the inputs. I removed all privacy rules and double checked that the inputs are not disabled. I imagine I am missing something basic here but I have never had this issue with other apps (and even this app was working fine last week when I started). The input boxes appear to be static images and do not allow you to even click in the box. I tried adding a new input in the same group and the behavior is the same.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Here’s a link to the editor app-copy | Bubble Editor

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Applied a temporary fix for you. The issue is the order of groups on your page. Your information form here was sitting behind other elements. You want to use the “Bring to front” action (GIF below).

However, In this scenario, you want to use a floating group, a group focus, or a popup, based on your intended UX. You’ll repeatedly run into this issue if you are displaying a hidden group. By using one of the above mentioned types (with a preference for popup, then group focus, then floating group), you likely wont encounter these issues.


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You are too kind for all of this help! Thank you so much for the detailed and helpful response!!! :slight_smile:

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