Input Non Dynamic Values into the editor

This is a minor thing, but I sometimes have issues inputting (non-dynamic) values into the editor. Sometimes, I have to click in and out of the “Click” repeatedly for it to save my non-dynamic expression. Most times, it works right away. Recently, I discovered a trick that I can click After the “Click” to input a value, but the “Click” remains. Has anyone else had this issue? Will the empty Click value cause issues down the line?

That [click] token won’t cause any issues down the line. (Though I’ve worried about the same thing.)

To enable easier literal entry, you can right click in the field and “Clear All” to get rid of everything. (At least, this works with “long text” fields.)

Expression entry fields are fiddly. Note that you can copy an expression to the clipboard, but then you can only paste it into a [click]. If you paste into an empty area, the thing you’re pasting will be the last thing on your system clipboard. Took me a long time to realize/learn to deal with that.

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Good tips. Thanks Keith :slight_smile:

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Also note that you can copy all the expressions and static text in the field by right click > copy in an empty area and then right click > pasting into an empty area.


Yup! That’s also true.

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