Integrating an autoevaluation form in a template

I need to integrate an autoevaluation form in a template, and to receive the info in the dashboard.

It could be an existing form plugin with autoevaluation, or developed from scratch.

We dont have much budget, so itf you have a decent price, we can work.

send me your mail info and budget,.


Can you clarify what you mean when you say auto evaluation form?

its a simple form, with questions and options to answer,
and at the final, when you finish the questions, the sistem give you and

Also i need that the information be sended to the admin dashboard in a section.

Does each question have the same type of answer

E.g rating of 1-5 or something like that?

Yes. They will have.

You’ll want a thing for questions and a thing for scores surveys

On user a field for a list of questions

For surveys

Set a RG to
type questions
source current users questions

Build out your RG to look how you want with an input for score

Use the plugin orchestra and set up a workflow to save each cell as a “scored survey” in the dB when user clicks save

To review, you just filter results by desired user and view how you please.

Probably in a line chart.

This will be like an exam,

1-User enter the exam
2-Respon the questions
3- and the page give them the results according to the questions.


4- The admin can see the users that use the form to response questions.

can you do it?

I think that your description its accurate.

Can you give me your prices if you can do it?

I could for sure build this out. How much time do you have. Give me a few days. I don’t work on the weekends. (It’s Friday evening where I’m at) But in 72 hours I could have this prepared.

I’d have to think of cost but I’d have it roughed out in less than an hour. Maybe 20$ USD or so.

Maybe checking out one of my apps would be helpful as a model and you don’t need to pay anything!

This also sounds like an app I built with Thunkable

A manager scores employees weekly

^^^ill close access to this soon

It’s kind of a hot mess but if you look on the page that I shared you find a manager can create a thing to score the employee on weekly.

The manager can then review scores on a chart separated by employee and thing being scored

i will need a section on the template dashboard to show the info.

I’ll take this to a dm

Here’s a roughdraft workup of the functionality.

talk about MVP!