Integrating Bubble with Image Editing Tool

Hi all,

I’m looking to build an app with some image editing capabilities (e.g. Aviary:

Does anyone have experience integrating this or any other image editing tools with a Bubble app? There don’t appear to be any plugins that are designed for this purpose.


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We integrate with imgix which offers a few options. Probably not as much as other tools, but maybe you can find what you need. Search for “process with imgix” in the reference

just checked out imgix, looks like it doesn’t quite allow for the editing features i was looking for.

is it possible to integrate with services you don’t currently have plugins for?

If you can do with blockspring then you can do it yourself, otherwise it’d probably require some work on our end. That’s usually what we do on a sponsored basis.

ok will try with blockspring, thanks.

@tamiz.ahmed ,were you able to complete this task?
Have you used this tool below, maybe?

Thanks for your feedback!

@tamiz.ahmed did your solution work? Was happy to have found the “Canva Button” . Unfortunatly due to high demand, they cancelled the service. Contacted Canva. They are going to reopen, but no date yet.