Integromat/Zapier to Bubble

Hey all, I have a quick question someone may have experience with.

I want to know if it’s possible to create connections between Bubble and Integromat to Shopify for different users via API.

obviously it is possible to go into Zap/Int and create a connection between my bubble app and Shopify by entering my Shopify account details in Zapier and authenticating.

What I want to do tho is allow users within my app to create a connection to their Shopify stall using Integromat or Zapier as a middle man but using only UI in my bubble app.

Looks like this might be possible using both Zap/Int but I was wondering if someone knew for sure

You can do the by using Integromat Webhhook. On button click in bubble POST the data to webhook.

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Yes so I know I can send data to integromat to process but can I make a scenario/scenarios that can handle multiple shopify accounts on the other side?

I haven’t worked with Shopify but one can use router and filters to post it to wherever you want. If your Shopify apps are multiple, you could use Integromat’s database and set and get variable options based on your needs

Sorry, new here…I cannot find the “POST” action. Where is it?