Interactive chart/data

Hi guys,

In the past I’ve made something similar to in Excel and I was wondering if the same would be possible to make in Bubble?

What I’m looking to make is something very similar to the link above, with some conditional formatting:

When checkbox 1 is checked + checkbox 5 is checked + slider has been set to value x, display this
When checkbox 2 is checked + checkbox 3 is checked + slider has been set to value x, display this

etc. etc.

Now the display could be either the way of the link above (colored cells), or images that I would have uploaded earlier from my admin panel.

Any idea if this idea is worth exploring for me?

Edit: here another example -

Yes you can build something similar to this in bubble

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Thanks, great to hear! Any tips on resources or tutorials?

There are a lot of threads on the forum dedicated to just that topic. I’d search through the forum, as that alone is a great learning resource as well. I’ve spent countless hours searching on the forum and reading hundreds of posts on dozens of threads until I found the answer I was searching for, and picked up ideas for other things along the way.