Interactive property site plan

Hi all,

I learned about Bubble just a few days ago and am excited to join the community and hopefully build some cool apps!

I’m interested in building an interactive property developer site plan.

Users would need to be able to:

  1. Multiple login: admin and buyer
  2. Admin can add a black dot (refer to picture picture) manually everytime a unit is sold. This is to indicate the property unit is no longer available
  3. Play audio/conffeti plugin whenever a black dot is successfully added
  4. Update the picture on buyer dashboard (automatically after a black dot is added)

From your experience, would this be possible using Bubble?

Thanks in advance,


Yes, sure, it’s possible. You also draw these properties areas on google maps.

This is a fairly simple app you want to build. My advice is to go through the tutorial. and there are free resources on you tube and
you should be able to go from zero knowledge to complete app in prob 2-3 months?
Well Good Luck bro

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