Interviewing No Code Founders/Developers on Clubhouse

Sharing our experiences, knowledge, and story is SO powerful. It inspires people to try things that scare them; tools they need to avoid obstacles which can deter them; and you get a exposure for your product/service/personal brand, too.

I’m organizing talks on Clubhouse & eventbrite to get no code enthusiasts engaging with people interested in the no code movement. My community is in the social innovation industry and ranges from social impact investors to aspiring social entrepreneurs. Your app does not need to be a social impact product. Your experience alone is enough to add value to their journey. And, just by participating, your contributing to the development of the social innovation industry!

Please, DM me or reply here if your down to share one hour on Clubhouse or Eventbrite to tall your story, answer questions from my community, and share your wisdom. My events are called Wisdom Exchange, you can learn more about them here. ← that website is not built on Bubble, but is, and that’s where we will facilitate the event :metal:

Tag someone who you know may be interested in this opportunity, please!


What a great idea, can’t wait to see how this turns out!

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