Version control algorithm improvements

Important note for current users of version control called out below

Hi Bubble community,

We launched the version control feature last year to help enable teams to better work on an app together. While we know the feature has helped many of the powerusers of Bubble, we’re also aware that there were some limitations uncovered where the feature worked in unexpected ways.

@Aless has been working on improvements to the version control algorithm that will be released soon. With this rollout, you won’t see any changes in the UX of the feature, but the algorithm for detecting merge conflicts should be improved in a number of ways. Cases to call out:

  • If you have branches A and B, merge B into A, continue work on both of them, then merge B into A again, the algorithm should handle that much more gracefully
  • If you move an element into / out of a group, the algorithm should detect that and treat it more reasonably when determining whether it’s a merge conflict

Important note for current version control users: If you have a branch that was created before this rollout happens, the first time you merge that branch into another branch, it will generate more conflicts than normal. Some of those conflicts will include situations where it seems like a change only happened on one of the branches. We created special logic to handle the migration of old to new algorithm, and we erred on the cautious side when alerting about conflicts to make sure users don’t lose any work. Please budget a bit more time to handle any such merges.

The rollout will not happen before EOD today (6pm ET Wednesday 3/18).




Changes are rolled out. Be sure to send any new bug reports our way!


Why would you roll this out on a Friday? It’s almost guaranteed to cause problems (rollouts always almost do).

Are your engineers now responding to bug reports on weekends? If not why not wait until Monday?

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In this case, we were monitoring the situation throughout the weekend, yes. It’s a balance we’re constantly seeking; we usually avoid rolling out sensitive changes on Fridays, but in this case there were multiple parts (i.e. it had to be stretched out a bit to some extent), and we had done more testing ahead of time. The rollout wasn’t perfect, but we were monitoring, identifying issues, and working on fixes.

If you continue to spot bugs with this, please continue to file bug reports; we’re keeping an eye on this!

We ran into a ton of issues last week with merging versions on Friday and Saturday :slight_smile:
Elements disappearing, changes not being copied from versions to main one, and such.

Had to push trough and redo it all instead of bug reports since we were in a big hurry, but this was something else :slight_smile:

Will be happy to send a bug report whenever it happens next time under more “stable” conditions so we can wait for you guys to check it out.

This is a very kind reply by @vladlarin to a very unreasonable action by Bubble.

Previously with merges I had a situation like yours… though my db was totally frozen and said I had to contact support.

After waiting 2-3 days for support Bubble ‘fixed’ my db.

Incredibly, they wiped out days worth of new data in the process. Apparently they just reset it to an earlier time. When I expressed my shock, their rep defended herself by saying they were just trying to get me back up and running the fastest way possible.

Thankfully we make non-Bubble backups!

The problem here is that nobody ever seems to take responsibility and/or change tactics. It’s always ‘we’re not perfect but it’s good enough’ - see @allenyang’s reply above, case in point.

I don’t think rolling out a change on Friday makes any sense. Especially since Bubble rollouts have a very long and dependable track record of breaking things.