Introducing - Code Snippets for your Bubble app 🚀

I’ve been using code snippets in Bubble to add and tweak functionality, and I figured there wasn’t a good place for them all to live.

Excited to announce locode - a home for code snippets with a live code editor on each page.

I’ve started out adding my favorite snippets, but my hope is the platform becomes a place where code and no code can thrive together :slight_smile:

PS - next week I’ll also be sharing details about my new course series, “How to code for no coders”, which will teach code basics up to advanced concepts. To get updates, visit here


This is great :raised_hands:

I’ll get some js snippets that I use in here soon

This is dope!

Awesome! Look forward to seeing those snippets :slight_smile:

I’m going to spend this weekend thinking up some more snippet ideas and would love some inspiration.

Any limitations you’re running into with your Bubble apps that could be possibly solved with a bit of code?


Bumping this up!!!

Waited a long time for something like this :slight_smile: getting into advanced Javascript and Node.js in 2021 myself so can’t wait for this. Keep us updated @brentsum

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Loving this resource !

I know this is beyond the scope of “snippets” but being able to understand how to take some code from “the internet” (JSfiddle etc) would be super handy.


Nice work!

How does the workflow API limiter work?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Thanks, will do! Currently working on more snippets and figuring out which low-code course content will be the most useful. Here are some of the things I’m considering:


Good call! Are you finding the JSFiddle code pieces you want to use to be mostly frontend or backend Javascript?

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I find myself using the Data API and workflow APIs together. For example, “pull every user in my database with Last Refresh > 5 minutes ago, and run this backend workflow on each of them”

But once I was updating 100 users at a time, I found my app timing out because the workflows count against your app’s capacity in Bubble.

Using the Bottleneck NPM package, I set the function to only update one record at a time, and wait a period of .3 seconds to do so:

const limiter = new Bottleneck({
  maxConcurrent: 1,
  minTime: 333,

Full code here:

Let me know how it goes!

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Thanks a lot @brentsum,

I’ll dig into it so I can understand the whole process.

Thanks man :slight_smile:

I’ve shared this with our StayShure agency team. Our guys may have some fun ones to share over time.


Backend :slight_smile:

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I been thinking how to respond to this. The issue here is that I do not know yet (and most people here - hence the low response rate to your question) what’s possible and what’s not with custom code (js, node.js) :thinking: so maybe that’s one topic you could address in the course.

It would be great if more people would let us know how they use custom code to address Bubble limitations!


Yes, that happens to me too.

I think to really make this accessible to no-coders, those with no background in coding, who might not want to spend the time tinkering with the code, the course should go through each of the code sections as well as limitations.

For example, the snippet for replacing the scroll bar. The limitation is that webkit is not recognized by certain browsers, like firefox for example, so users should be aware of that to limit frustrations when trying to implement. Also, explaining what each thing is, such as the track or thumb and how they could take the snippet and customize it for their use.

Some users would probably find it really helpful to understand those concepts more so they can become more self-sufficient in their use of code moving forward.

Personally I’d really benefit from more CSS, especially with animations and other CSS that provides more visually appealing apps.

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This is huge, and exactly why this platform is the most advanced in full stack web application building. It excels by its own, but open to most advanced up-to-date traditional code web development.

Congrats @brentsum !!

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What a great initiative! I’ll definitely throw in a few snippets if I think of something valuable

Thanks @brentsum - very awesome and curious how far this can be pushed!

:raising_hand_man: For the API wrapper

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